For the past two years, the community participation in workshops, presentations, surveys, vision and feedback has led to the development of a community driven equitable transit-oriented development plan.


Please continue to provide input and feedback on the South Central Corridor community vision moving forward. The community vision for the plan:


Rejects displacement of our existing residents and businesses and celebrates our diverse cultural heritage.  We support equitable transit-oriented development, designed as a sustainable future that improves the quality of life for all existing and future families and residents of this corridor.


Our rich heritage and environmental features create a corridor that is unique to anywhere else in Phoenix.


This plan for our community’s future is customized into 4 distinct areas of the corridor, each uniquely focused on the people’s history, character, uses, and aspirations to blend all future community identified investments and enhancements in an equitable and appropriate way:  North of the Rio Salado, at the Rio Salado, South of the Rio Salado and adjacent to South Mountain.

Were you unable to attend the presentations on November 4th and 5th 2019? Click below to download.

 “We need to think about our future; transit is part of it”

– Petra Falcón, Promise Arizona




The South Central Corridor has a history of both division and togetherness. Now is the time for the community to work together toward the future that is better, more connected and healthier for all. Thanks to voter approval in 2015, the City of Phoenix and Valley Metro are bringing the light rail to South Central Phoenix in order to build county-wide connections, develop workforce capacity and spur neighborhood revitalization. Transit-Oriented Development, also known as TOD, is the creation of compact, walkable, pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use communities centered around high-quality train systems.


In 2016 the City was awarded a Federal grant to engage the community and support local businesses along the light rail extension. The product of this grant exercise will be a living document, inspired by the hearts and voices of the community—your needs, desires and dreams of a better life for the generations to come. Our intent is to leave behind a legacy for our community and for the City of Phoenix, demonstrating a national precedent for TOD planning in support of its people.



We bring collective experience and expertise working with the families and business owners of South Central Phoenix. In fact, many of the team members have lived and worked in this community for more than 200 years collectively. You are our neighbors and friends.


Promise Arizona: Community Engagement

Gould Evans: Planning and Design

Local First AZ/Fuerza Local: Business Assistance

Hustle PHX: Business Assistance

Friendly House: Business Assistance

Center for Neighborhood Technology: TOD Expertise

Wilson & Company: Civil Engineering for TOD

J2 Engineering & Environmental Design: Landscape Design



Please make sure to attend the monthly Steering Committee meetings, the schedule can be found by clicking the link below.

Monthly Steering Committee Meetings